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Enjoy the new look of Pyramid Platform!

Our newly designed home page reflects the new look, feel and spirit of our parent company, Radian Group Inc. Learn more about Radian's full spectrum of real estate and mortgage services at radian.com


homegenius utilizes single sign-on, which allows the same username and password to be used for all homegenius applications. If you already have an account with Valuation Ops or homegenius Real Estate, please use those credentials to log in to Pyramid Platform.

Pyramid Platform™ workflow solutions from Radian use task driven workflows to manage residential REO properties, single family rental properties, bulk acquisitions and short sales. It was designed by users in today's ever changing environment who understand that flexibility is paramount.



Pyramid Platform works the way you do. Customize your workflow, reports, key performance indicators, forms and more.



Best in class technology to trigger each task at exactly the right time with the deadlines you choose.



Secure web based portal with redundant site support.


With features like drag and drop uploading, automatic document labeling, and expense tracking, Pyramid Platform makes managing your real estate portfolio simple and intuitive.

REO Management
Streamline every step of the REO management process, from acquisition to liquidation.

Rental Management
Efficiently manage your rental portfolio and execute important tasks for each property, including evictions, repairs and expenses.

Bulk Acquisitions
Create a structured workflow for bidding on pools of loans or assets and document every step, including preparing a final bid letter.

Short Sale
Reduce delays and easily navigate the short sale process.



Pyramid Platform is an award winning web based workflow solution for task driven asset management. It was developed by professionals in real estate and finance who understand that the most efficient and effective workflow solutions are those that can be customized quickly and adjusted easily to meet user preferences and specific client needs.

Customized workflows streamline the entire asset management process. Powerful reporting tools monitor and track progress and identify exceptions.
User-friendly interface makes it easy for users to locate information and complete tasks. Applications include the management of REO assets, rental properties, due diligence for bulk acquisitions, loss mitigation efforts and short sales. Built in logic and validations save time and improve data integrity.

Pyramid Platform workflow solutions are provided by Radian, a digitally driven, full spectrum mortgage and real estate services provider. In addition to customized workflows, Radian offers end to end asset management services, starting immediately after foreclosure sale and extending through close of escrow and asset liquidation. Radian partners with a nationwide network of experienced agents, closing and title offices, attorneys, P&M vendors, and general contractors to ensure impeccable service through every step of the process. Learn more at radian.com.



Do I need special software to use Pyramid Platform?

No. The web-based interface does not require any special software and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. No special software is required.

Can I customize Pyramid Platform to suit my particular needs?

Yes. Pyramid Platform has been designed to be completely customizable. Workflows, reports, Key Performance Indicators, forms and many other items can be customized quickly and adjusted for specific client needs. In addition, workflows are assigned at the pool level so different workflows may be built for different pools or property owners. User roles can be added or renamed to match the client's organizational structure.

How quickly can changes be made to my work flow?

Pyramid Platform has the flexibility to accommodate modifications to workflows without the need of excessive development time. Many changes can be made within a few hours. More complex changes can be made in days rather than months. No longer will changes require excessive amounts of time and/or costly change orders.

Is Pyramid Platform integrated with other systems?

Yes. Entering the same information into multiple systems is not only inefficient but increases the opportunity for errors. Pyramid Platform will work with system users, such as Clients, Asset Management Firms, Valuation Companies, Field Services Companies, and Attorneys, to integrate with their own servicing systems. Integration improves efficiency and reduces errors.

Does Pyramid Platform provide real-time data?

Yes. Pyramid Platform is available through 24/7 web access. All information is real-time, including reporting. There is no need to wait until tomorrow to get today's data.

Does Pyramid Platform safeguard my data?

Yes. Pyramid Platform provides role-based security and authority levels to ensure all information is safe and secure. Approval rules are included in any task that requires multiple levels of approval. In addition, all data is replicated in real-time to disaster recovery servers in another state allowing a seamless, automatic switch-over should the need arise.

How can I learn more about Pyramid Platform?

For more information on Pyramid Platform please email us at information@pyramidplatform.com, Or contact your Radian sales representative to request a demo.

For technical support please email support@pyramidplatform.com

Or by Phone: 877.707.1415

Hours of Operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Mountain Time. If you are trying to contact us outside of those hours, please email us and we will respond by the next business day.



For technical support please email support@pyramidplatform.com

Or by Phone: 877.707.1415

Hours of Operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Mountain Time. If you are trying to contact us outside of those hours, please email us and we will respond by the next business day.

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